Holidays : Stepping Stones will follow the SD23 school calendar, operating
from June to September, closing for statutory holidays, spring break and

Entry : Registration forms and contracts must be completed and signed
before your child enters preschool. Immunizations must be up to date.

Drop off and pick up : Please accompany your child inside the building. At no
time must a child be dropped off and left unattended outside the school.
Your child will only be allowed to leave the school with the authorized people
as stated on your registration form. The school must be notified in advance
if you require any other person to collect your child.

Clothing and footwear : Children should wear play clothes to school. Some
spare clothing will be kept at the school in case of accidents. Shoes or
slippers must be worn at all times in accordance with fire regulations.
Slippers may be left at the school during the winter. Please ensure that all of
your childs clothing is clearly labelled with his or her name.

Health : Children should not attend school when they are ill or have a fever.
Parents, or an emergency contact, will be contacted to collect a child who
becomes ill whilst at school. Medical assistance may be sought if the
supervisor considers it necessary and a parent or emergency contact cannot
be reached.

Birthdays : Please feel free to bring cupcakes or other suitable small
treats to school as part of our celebrations for your childs birthday.

Further Information:  Full details of all policies and procedures can be
found in our Parent Handbook.
"Stepping Stones" preschool
In the heart of The Mission, Kelowna BC
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